The Difference Between Bespoke and Wordpress Design

So a lot of people new to this industry ask the question "What's the difference between a web design company that only installs Wordpress or similar open source content management system and a web design company that creates bespoke websites?"

Well the basic answer is one is a professional web design company and the other is basically an I.T. Company who has learnt to use a piece of software in a similar way that office workers learn to use Word or Excel.

There are many free open source website creation packages such as Joomla, Drupal, Concrete, MODX but for the sake of this article we'll focus of Wordpress as it is the most popular open source website creation tool, I don't want to knock Wordpress its a great Free DIY tool but the words that you want to focus on in that last sentence are Free and DIY? Lets say you are only a small business and don't really get a lot of work from the internet and you don't wish to spend money having a website professional created by all means install Wordpress, but don't pay an I.T. company to do it, seriously, most hosting nowadays comes with a 1 Click Wordpress install button so no coding, FTP or server set-up knowledge is needed.

I.T. companies are charging clients anything from £300 to £1000 for installing Wordpress which is ridiculous when you can get a professional coder to build you a bespoke website for the same price, A new client of mine recently informed me of one Manchester based company who wanted £3000 for a 12 page Wordpress site (I looked on their website, and it was correct), surely nobody has ever fell for this! Some of these companies claim to be bespoke web designers and install Wordpress hoping their client won't find out, which in my opinion is even worse.

Another myth that I.T. companies tell clients who want to be able to update their own website that they must have Wordpress! This is nonsense, who do you think wrote Wordpress? Professional coders that's who. Any website can have built in content management.

For a professional business Wordpress is a bad idea, It can be slow, it's not written to be streamlined, its written to be able to facilitate the inclusion of plugins and the more you have the more HTTP requests and the slower your website becomes, it's code heavy, running 100's of line one code to perform a function that a competent coder could achieve in 10 lines or less.

If you are serious about having a great web presence that will portray a professional image for your business then go for professional bespoke web design, if you want a personal website, fancy starting a blog then install Wordpress.. Yourself!!!!

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