Is choosing wordpress for your website good or bad

This is question that crops up again and again in the Web Design Industry, Some designers think it is the best thing since sliced bread, others cringe at the very thought of it. But who should you believe?

I've personally been designing website for well over 18 years, from its humble beginnings when websites consisted of just basic HTML, text and a few small images, through the database and server code revolution when content could be dynamically created and online stores cropped up everywhere up to the current responsive, mobile friendly era that we are now in.

I've seen technologies come and go, 'Flash' for example and seen CMS systems such as Wordpress grow in popularity and I'll be honest I used to be one of those people who hated Wordpress, not because it was bad but because I had spent years learning to write code and develop websites and now a system comes along that allows anyone to install for free and end up with a decent looking website, much like a production worker losing his job to a machine that can work faster for less money.. Nowadays I'm more impartial and see Wordpress for what it is and accept its existence

In its early days Wordpress was simply a blogging platform and worked very well at this task but being open source developers took the code and hacked and tweaked it so it could be used for any website whether it was blog or not.
Wordpress is great if you're on a budget, Install it yourself for free, buy a nice £30 theme and build your website, If you have very little in the way of IT skills then many web design companies will do this for you charging you anything from £200 to £800 (although I personally think £800 is expensive for a Wordpress install but I have seen some web design companies charging so much)

If your are happy with Wordpress and how it functions then it's great for you, most visitors wont realise you have used this platform and just see a nice looking website, if however you need unique features then always go down the bespoke route. I've seen people install plugin after plugin to try and make Wordpress function the way they want it to and ended up with a mess of site taking 30 seconds to load page, which brings me to another point.
Wordpress can be slow, it's not written to be streamlined, its written to be able to facilitate the inclusion of plugins and the more you have the more HTTP requests and the slower your website becomes, it's code heavy, running 100's of line one code to perform a function that a competent coder could achieve in 10 lines or less.

I suppose what I'm saying that although I have no time for the rogue web design companies posing as professional bespoke web designers yet ONLY offering Wordpress installs I believe the choice to use it should be that of the website owner, Is it suitable for the you and your business? you decide..

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