Are you responsive yet? if not you could be losing over 50 percent of visitors to a rival company

It’s no surprise to anybody these days that a strong, professional web presence is key to the success of any business, small or large. The website is often the first 'port of call' for many customers seeking your product or service, so its critically important to create the perfect first impression. Even more important today is that your site works well on a mobile phone because over 50% of local searches are via a mobile device

Are you happy with the way your website looks and functions on a mobile or tablet? If you're not happy with it then you're customers wont be happy either.

Around 5 years ago separate mobile websites where all the rage and companies had a scaled down version of their main website created which was served to mobile phone visitors.. The system was flawed from the outset, as new handsets got released the scripts that detected them had to be constantly updated and as mobile devices became better, larger and mobile connections became faster many users wanted to view the full desktop version on their phone but were served a scaled down featureless mobile version instead.

Responsive code fixes all the above issues, with responsive code you have a single website that detects screen size not device and adjusts itself to give optimal viewing experience rearranging content, stacking it vertical and giving an alternative mobile optimised menu.

Because it detects screen size not device Responsive code is forward compatible too..

Is your website responsive? the code has been around for well over 3 years now ( this is when as a web development agency we started using it on ALL our web design projects) so if your website is more than 3 years old then you will definitely need to have it upgraded before you start to lose business to your rivals with responsive website.

Not every web design agency embraced responsive code when it was released (especially amateur have a go designers building sites with dated software) so some websites built recently may not be responsive, so its always a good idea to pop over to our mobile compatible testing page

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